Lionel Trains


We have two classic standard O-gauge Lionel trains from the 1980s circling above the books, windows and doors.

The track is two parallel runs of the older standard O. (It’s heavier and a bit taller than O-27 track, but same gauge. Gauge is width between rails. Not the same as “scale” of the train.)  About 200 feet of track altogether.

The transformer is the classic two-throttle lever ZW model.

The freight train is a mix of boxcars, different scales from “O-27”  to “standard”, all Lionel, with the exception of the  Weaver silver Central Vermont milk car.  The idea of this train is to be as long as possible, mimicking long waits at railroad crossings.

The passenger is a Denver Zephyr, the train my family rode from Illinois to Colorado for ski trips.  Long winter nights in the Vista dome watching the country roll by, trapped in blizzards, walking the thirty plus cars, America on wheels.   The Zephyr was invented for Pullman by Budd in 1928, and the look is still a rapid transit standard.  The Zephyr was sometimes called the Silver Streak.

We have some other rolling stock perched up there- a 1938 Commodore Vanderbilt, and some other 1930s “toy” Lionel trains, a snowblower, and others.

The Amtrak Station in Waterbury (20 minutes north) has a similar lay-out in the waiting room.  And there is one in the Capitol Hotel over in Montpelier.

Say the word “train” and we’ll run a train for you.  Choo choo.