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Grace-Potter-and-the-Noctournals      elizabeth vt
race Potter & the Nocturnals                        Elizabeth VonTrapp

Yes  we have Win Smith’s book, Catching Lightning in a Bottle

Yes, we have Janet Hubbard’s new book Bordeaux.

Yes, we have Mary Kerr’Mountain Love Affair (Mad River Glen)

Yes, we have Peter Miller’s  newest Vermont People,  titled A Lifetime of Vermont People.

Yes,  Hilferties.  Yes, Bob Lisaius.  Yes,  Ann Day.  Yes, Kate Hosford.

Yes, James Tabor.   Yes, the late Jim Martin.

Yes, Erin Moulton (who used to work at the Tempest)

Yes,  lots more local authors.

Local Authors
Chris Bohjalian
Bob Buck
Jim Tabor
Jim and Ellie Hilferty
Peter Williams
Kate Hosford
Erin Moulton
Martin Magoun
Ann Day
Mary Gow
Janet Hubbard-Brown
Kevin Eurich
Robert Frost
Peter Miller
Linda Fallaice
Mary Kerr
Richard Bisbee
Frank Manchell

Howard Frank Mosher
Ruth Porter
Jay Parini
David Huddle
David Budbill
David Mamet
Joe CItro
John Hall
Burr Morse
Eric Nuse and Megan Price
Patricia Chase Allen
Sally “Bubbles” Strohmeier
Ron Krupp
Katherine Paterson
Megan Price
Rudyard Kipling-   Yes- Kipling lived in Dummerston Vermont 1992-1895 and wrote Jungle Book and Captains Courageous then, as well as other work.  His home there which he named Naulahka is open to the public.  The name is the title of his first novel, Naulahka A Story of East and West.  West refers to Colorado and East to India in that book.

Sort of Local Authors
Erica Jong
Annie Proulx
Ralph Ellison
John Updike
Berkeley Breathed
Sandy Bax

Local Musicians
Elisabeth VonTrapp
Grace Potter
Banjo Dan Lindner
Back Porch Boys
Rob Williams
Bruce Sklar
Jon Gailmor
Paul Asbell
Phineas Gage