Rick’s Bread

Rick’s basic bread loaves are one pound boules (balls) of  1/3 whole wheat, 2/3 King Arthur bread flour, wild yeast starter (sourdough plus), 3000 sesame seeds per loaf.   Reduced salt inside produces faster rising, and allows coarse salt on the crust for flavor and preservation.
The recipe was developed so kids would eat the bread, unbuttered, crust and all.
They do. Adults like it too.

Rick sells his bread at the Tempest Book Shop all day Saturday,
  and sometimes has bread on Sunday afternoon.
Rick bakes mostly for his family and community, and sells the bread to help
pay for his “bread mission”

Rick takes special orders for his bread when possible and will bake for you at no extra charge. Call the book sop 496-2022  or his cell 229-8237.
Rick enjoys kids and adults coming to his kitchen a watching the baking, and even getting their hands in the dough.  Or he can do a Big Bake at a church, school, or lodge kitchen- usually everyone takes a loaf home and the rest goes to a food shelf. If you want
some starter for your baking, Rick will gladly give you some.

Rick fits eight one-pound boules at time into his regular home oven.
The first rise is on top of oven as two linen-lined baskets with four pounds
of dough rising warmly.

A dough boule of black cocoa, molasses, maple syrup bread,
hand shaped and ready for second rise.

Rick bakes at home Tuesday and Thursday for the MRV Food Shelf
RIck bakes for Community Suppers at the Waitsfield Church  monthly
Rick bakes for school events, Thanksgiving baskets, funerals,
church suppers, Bread and Puppet,  Cub Scout and Boy Scout events,
Taste of the Valley, Arts Fest, etc etc.
Rick bakes and sells his bread at the WINTER Farmers Market
at the Masonic Lodge Sundays 11:00-3:00, roughly December through April.

Variations on the basic bread include: Cinnamon raisin, challah, rosemary,  sweet almond, and a black bread with maple syrup, molasses, and black cocoa.