Watch Batteries

Casio tide watch LCD       AnalogQuartz movement        Atmos clock runs on temp/baro changes

We have over fifteen years experience replacing watch batteries.

We stock dozens of watch battery types, including 1.5 V silver oxide and 3 V lithium cells.

We have special tools for removing watch backs, and replacing them.

We can do minor watch repairs, clean contacts, replace some rubber seals, etc.

We have a limited supply of watch bands.

We have spring bars to re-attach your watch band.

We can adjust your watch band by adding/removing links.


Most watch batteries are replaced for $4.00.
Lithium batteries, screws, clips, dual batteries, for a few dollars more.


WHY?  Rick builds computer interfaces and other scientific equipment in his home machine shop, so working on quartz digital watches is not strange for him.